New BrutalismEditorial

New Brutalism: Controversial Concrete is a self initiated project exploring various concrete structures from the post-war era in Brutalist style, an architectural movement characterised by minimal constructions, angular geometric shapes, bare building materials and monochrome colours. First used by British architects Alison and Peter Smithson, the (often criticised) movement emerged during the 1950s as part of post-war reconstruction projects in the UK and later spread thoughout the world. Today, many buildings from that era find themselves in a critical time as they face the risk of demolition. Initiatives such as #SOSBrutalism have been set up to save them. The idea was to find and explore ways in which a certain combination of design, typography and photography reinforces the impressive and raw architectural style in such a way that it accentuates the powerful aesthetics of the buildings. With the only goal to see how good and eye-pleasing this style can be. Issue 01 showcases five buildings located in London, Berlin, Belgrade and San Diego. Besides a magazine, the issue features three additional poster prints of the Avala Tower and the Geisel Library.

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